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        Principle of air heaters

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2984Time: 2016-07-30 16:45:07SML

        Air heaters work program
        Cooling air can heat pump hot water works four members: four members evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and a throttling device.

        Stable Big Three: the reservoir (compressor), an expansion valve (capillary), dryer (water)

        Defrost a large: four-way valve

        Breaking the traditional energy conversion theory, to achieve energy efficiency:

        Heat pump at work, the working fluid can absorb ambient medium storing energy QA in the evaporator;

        And starting up the system energy consumption, namely the compressor power QB;

        At the same time the working fluid in the condenser to release high temperature heat medium QC; QC = QA + QB
        After the power input to the compressor starting system, the mechanical kinetic energy into heat. Therefore, the energy output of the heat pump compressor QB work done and heat pumps absorb heat from the environment and the QA; input a QB, get QB + QA, breaking the traditional single transition between different energy can not achieve 100% efficiency bottleneck; adoption higher energy efficiency heat pump technology.

        Air heater works
        Air to water heater is in accordance with the "reverse Carnot" principle of work, figuratively speaking, is the "outdoor unit" like a pump, like compressed air, the air temperature, and then by means of a boiling liquid -17 ℃ will conduct heat storage tanks into the room, and then conducted heat is released into the water.

        The use of heat pump system works, as opposed to air conditioning and refrigeration - Refrigeration national standards is 1000 watts, 2800 watts of electric refrigeration. According to the principle of heat balance, while generating a minimum of 2800 watts of heat, coupled with 1000 watts power input, the heat generated in the 3000--4000 actual watts, these heat transport to the holding tank, the power consumption is only a quarter of the water heater one (electric water heater thermal efficiency of 100%, even if the input power is only 1000 watts of heat 1000).

        Air heater is not required sunlight, so at home or outdoors can be. After the solar water heater storage water run out, very difficult to produce hot water immediately. If electric heating and takes a long time, and as long as there is air to water heater air temperatures above zero degrees Celsius, the pressure can be all-weather 24-hour operation. As a result, even if out of a box of water, about an hour and then it will produce a box of hot water. It also fundamentally eliminate the electric water heater leakage, resulting in the use of dry gas water heaters and harmful gases and other security risks, overcome the rainy days can not use solar water heater and installation inconvenience and other shortcomings, with high security, high-energy, long life , does not emit toxic gases and many other advantages. Air heater life is generally up to 15-20 years.

        Air heater Advantages
        Mainly to the air heater to heat air, energy saving, environmental protection and safety advantages of solar water heaters, solar water heaters rely on and solves the sun heat and the inconvenience of installation problems. Since the air heater is heated by the heat exchange medium, without electric heating element in contact with water, there is no danger of leakage of electric water heaters, gas water heaters also eliminate the poisoning and explosion hazards, but no fuel heater emissions of air pollution caused by exhaust gases.
        The biggest advantage of air to water heater is "energy." Take specific data for: 30 ℃ temperature difference between the hot water prices were: electric water heater 1.54 cents / liter of hot water (electricity price 0.42 yuan / kWh); gas water heater 1 cent / liter of hot water (gas 2 yuan / cubic meter); heat pump water heater is get through a lot of air in free energy, consumption of electricity is only used to move air compressor energy used in energy, thermal efficiency as high as 380% -600%, manufactured in the same amount of hot water, heat pump water heaters use only electricity costs 1/4, 1/3 water heater gas water heater.

        Air to water heater brand rankings
        Midea Midea (ten air (source) heat pump brand, Foshan, Guangdong Midea Group)
        With the benefit of (ten air heat pump brand Guangdong Tongyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.)
        Jiang sunlight (air source heat pump ten brands, Guangdong million Jiang Group International Ltd.)
        Indeed positive (top ten brands of air-source heat pump, Foshan City is a positive coldness and Equipment Co., Ltd.)
        Tsinghua Tongfang (ten air (source) heat pump brand, Beijing Tongfang clean technology Co., Ltd.)
        Gree (ten air-source heat pump water heater brand, Zhuhai Gree Group)
        Mitra (ten air (source) heat pump brand, Mitra Hangzhou Electric Co., Ltd.)
        Sincerely (China Famous Brand, the top ten brands of air to Hangzhou really heat Electric Co., Ltd.)
        Germany can (ten air heat pump brand, Guangzhou Germany can heat Equipment Co., Ltd.)
        Kang Temu (Ten brand air source heat pump, Shandong Kang Temu New Energy Co., Ltd.)

        History of the development of heat pump technology
        With the development of the industrial revolution of the early 19th century, people can lower temperature heat from the media "pump" a strong interest in high temperature medium to the problem occurred. British physicist J.P.Joule proposed "by changing the pressure of a compressible fluid to a temperature change can be" principle. In 1854, W.Thomson professor (ie Lord Lord Kelvin) published proposed multiplier heat (Heat Multiplier) concept was first described by low-energy absorption heat pump envisaged in the air, through an intermediate heat exchange medium, and compression a high-temperature gas circulating through a pipe system for water heating, electric water heater power consumption is only 1/4. The new product avoids the disadvantages of solar water heaters rely on the sun heat and the inconvenience of installation.
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