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        Air heat pump outlet: demand-oriented and quality is fundamental

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:3177Time: 2016-07-30 16:41:59SML

        Strong demand in overseas markets to air heat pump business has brought great opportunities, but to go abroad is not an easy thing to do, then what kind of products suitable for export? Is a lot of companies want to get involved in the export market is most concerned about the topic, for which we have many years export experience and established businesses to do multi-exchange and found to fully understand the needs of foreign customers with marketable products is the key.

        Global export markets due to different regions, differences in all aspects of life habits and consumption levels are also very large, therefore, compared to the domestic market, companies export products more complex and diverse.

        In Europe, Australia and other major export market for heat pumps, most developed economy, high living standards, a high proportion of residents with hot water, warm popularity, mainly in household products, food products are involved, heating equipment, swimming pool heat pump . Especially in the EU countries, attaches great importance to environmental protection, new housing in recent years, a set of commonly used refrigeration, heating, domestic hot water one of the ultra-low temperature air source heat pump equipment, it is understood that in the current export products, both heating function II one triple and other products accounted for more than 80% of exports of major equipment. Xilai Ke such as ultra-low temperature air source heat pump heating unit is a long-term EU export heating for heating the main product, can be used normally at minus 20 ℃, the product uses ultra-low temperature and low temperature compressor efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration system 404A, at low temperatures 50% -80% higher energy efficiency than conventional units, sometimes a substantial decline in unit heating capacity of attenuation rarely, fully guaranteed heating effect, mainly used in the EU countries the winter indoor heating at ambient temperature. Hang Ning exports mainly triple products, the general demand for more of 3 and 5, as well as 10, 20, they think, very clear throughout the year in some countries and regions, hot water and heating a combination of heat pump water heaters heat pump product allows to play a greater market potential. Letter O with "-25 ℃ low temperature hot water heating + cooling +" three-line based. Yangtze to EVR jet enthalpy cryogenic machine-based, export-one model mainly heating and hot water products, specifications from more than 1400 watts to 8000 watts. In Australia, the Americas region, the common feature is a large living area of low population density, are used on electric or gas heating boiler small habit, but the daily amount of water is large, high-capacity air heat pump water heaters are more suitable to their needs , so the market demand is mainly oriented to the domestic hot water equipment. China is currently the main export market for the United States is the United States and Smith, the United States is one machine Rui spring, usually in more than 200 liters, can be multi-point water, a water heater can provide more than 10 hot water outlet at the same time; Smith has two main product 80 (300 liters) and 60 gallons (200 liters) gallons of large domestic hot water heat pump hot water machine, of which 80 gallons based.

        Export products there is a large class swimming pool heat pump, in Europe and other developed countries, the family pool is very common, most export companies have the pool heat pump equipment. Wherein Fennikezi be called one of the leading manufacturers of professional pool heat pump, swimming pool heat pump more than 50% of its total exports, which has become a constant temperature and humidity swimming pool heat pump is the European market mainstream brands, in addition, for the Middle East region has a high temperature design, 40 and 60 over a large swimming pool for cooling units are basically controlled the local high-end market. It is understood, its swimming pool equipment about 90% of all home users.

        In Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other emerging market countries, but also in the popularity of air heat pump early stages, the key is used in various business hotel, similar to the level of development of the mainland market, technically and domestic difference is not great. Although local demand vary, but one thing is the same, that is, on the strict product quality requirements, especially in developed markets in Europe, America and Australia, which are generally high-end positioning, high barriers to market entry, such as heat pump water can not host product with auxiliary heating equipment, water through a separate water quality certification.

        So for export enterprises put forward a very high demand, most of the companies are producing for the export to overseas markets professional models generally use environmentally friendly refrigerant, products to high-profile, high energy efficiency. Mainly for export to Europe Yangtze Trade is responsible for Xu, general introduction, the face of increasingly stringent technical requirements, the Yangtze this year in export product design to do a complete overhaul, the first is energy efficiency upgrades, cop value increased from 3.2 to 4.0, all using the 410a environmentally friendly refrigerant, the use of plate heat exchangers, present the new products have been certified by the European Union msc (replacement certificate), laid the foundation for further development. Hang Ning export enterprises camp FN, from entering the air to the industry started, with Shanghai Hitachi compressor research and development, applied research cooperation from the machine, all products using special heat pump compressor, refrigerant aspects of household machine 417 commercial aircraft It is 407c.

        Because the water tank through a separate certification to ensure water quality hot water storage. So now in addition to some foreign direct reference to foreign technology, the domestic enterprises are mostly host exports. Conte is the new Australian-owned energy companies, is currently exporting less to the whole enterprise, according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade Huang introduced, they are currently available in the Australian market models are 7, are using the most advanced technology, each one went through a rigorous technical certification. Rui spring is beautiful and crystallization technology GE lasted three years of cooperation, the use of new environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant use, ensure efficient heating and energy saving.

        In short, in order to gain a firm foothold in the export market, excellent technology, marketable products is essential. As the European market has a 8-year-old foreign trade exports head Fennikezi said that in the development of the product, close to the market is the key, the initial basic professional to do the pool heat pump, in recent years, as the market continues to mature, more personalized products began to come on stream, the latest research and development of household heat pump water heater "elf" series began in the overseas market promotion, easy to install due to the compact design popular with consumers. Wherein, in the French market, but also to local customer requirements to develop a 0.8 wall-mounted heat pump water heaters.
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