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        Water heaters and linked to life can not be ignored

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2810Time: 2016-07-30 16:40:54SML

        Food and life linked to security issues can not be ignored! Food safety is a priority, any brand have emphasized their products are safe, to ensure safe use. However, once the company for security issues understanding deep enough, it means that the product is still a security risk, security risk once the outbreak consumers face is the "life and death." Therefore, choose a safe food is essential.

        Although food safety measures have to near perfection, but when the water heater accidents occur each year. According to the survey, after a lot of water heaters electric shock casualties, after authorities identified products are qualified and meet the national standards, the root of their problems may be unsafe electrical environment.

        Today the market has been gradually requested food production not only through the national 3C certification, but the responsibility to implement the minor part, and the individual level. Detected from raw materials to production process control, until the factory inspection, monitoring checks are required to assign professionals, and clearly indicate the responsible person's identity card number, for lifelong inquiry.

        For harsh electrical environment, to design UDS "anti-power wall", "scaling the wall", "firewall", "microcomputer security self" and other core security technologies, such water heaters have multiple built-in safety protection in the event leakage phenomenon immediately cut off the power. Install "smart air detector" - automatic temperature change, the temperature can be automatically converted summer and winter mode, but also to achieve efficient energy-saving purposes.
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