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        Energy-saving air to water heater in the end how?

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2286Time: 2016-07-30 16:39:56SML

        There is hot air, but the air to water heaters have electricity, and air temperature affects the air to water heater energy efficiency (COP value) and service life. Air heaters have business machines and home of the points, the console sub-fluorine and water cycles, heat pump Foshan Bai dest company's home machine is the water cycle, the safety and efficiency of heat transfer better than the fluorine cycle, because many sellers use machines big brands in order to save costs, are sold fluorine cycle machine, cheap, business machines are the water cycle, and there are direct thermal heating cycle of the points.

        Air heat pump water heater and the air tank of two parts, air heat pump collects heat from the air, the principle: low temperature and pressure gaseous refrigerant compressor through a high pressure high temperature gas. Compression heat of the compressor conversion for Q2. High temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant by heat exchange with the water, high-pressure refrigerant is cooled at room temperature, condensed to a liquid. This process, the refrigerant releases heat is used to heat water, warm water into hot water. Hot water absorption of Q3. High pressure liquid refrigerant is reduced by the expansion valve, the pressure drops back to low ambient temperatures, with the ability to evaporate. Temperature low-pressure liquid refrigerant through the evaporator (air heat exchanger) to absorb heat in the air to evaporate from liquid to gaseous refrigerant to absorb heat from the air to Q1. The refrigerant absorbs the heat becomes low temperature low-pressure gas, and then sucked by the compressor to compress This cycle repeated continually absorbs heat from the air, and in water-side heat exchanger, preparation of hot water. This process consists of circulating air heat pump units to complete.

        Air heat pump as an efficient means of heat transfer system and collector, you can put the compressor power consumption becomes 3.5 times or even four times more energy (Q1 + Q2 = Q3 truth).

        Air heater Optional: according to home or work one day with a total amount of hot water with air heat pump units, such as five family shower, 50 liters per person is required with 250 liters tank, the host (air heat pump) can with a ~ 2.5, such as a water production machine 65L / H, we need to work four hours, such as with two hosts (132L / H water production), only two hours of work, the greater the number of horses home console, work the shorter the time, the longer service life. 5 home calculation day consumption of 3 kWh, yielding 250 liters of hot water 55 degrees Celsius.

        Household water consumption and less air to water heaters, energy-saving effect is not obvious, or hotels, hotel good use of effects, such as 10 tons of hot water project, with 10 master one day need to work 12 hours to 55 degrees Celsius hot water output of 10 tons, using 114 kWh of electricity, can supply 500 people shower, 33 double rooms with hot water (100 ~ 150L Single Double room 200 ~ 300L).

        Air heaters are the working hours in the evening, at night the temperature this day the lowest air to water heater energy saving effect is proportional to temperature environment. (Heat pump COP values of between ambient temperature and graph 1)

        Many people think that cold weather, air to water heater does not work, is not the case, the North launched a dedicated air to water heater market has been for some time, the lowest work in -25 degrees Celsius, but this machine is currently only commercial aircraft, the need to use jet enthalpy 380V power supply, divided into two faction, Hitachi compressor discharge fluid enthalpy and the US Copeland compressors, heat pumps, Foshan Bai dest company produces ultra-low temperature air source heat pump at -20 degrees Celsius EER 1.8 above, the main north of the Yangtze River for use.

        Energy-saving air to water heater in the end how? Effect south of the Yangtze River is good.
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