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        Bottled gas prices rose again appeal to the use of air heaters

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2243Time: 2016-07-30 16:39:22SML

        Just up the oil, the gas price has come along. From the Municipality, due to the impact of international crude oil rose sharply factors, Huizhou bottled gas yesterday jumped $ 5, users shouted, "can not afford." Widespread use of bottled gas, relates to every household to cook, shower. So, we have called in the air can do to replace the new energy-saving water heaters - air to water heater.

        According to the ambassador, Mr. Jiang Shaolei air express, air to water heater is the world's most energy-efficient water heater. It is transferred through the compressor acting transport heat from the air into the tank, the water is heated. The energy saving effect is four times the electric water heater, gas water heater three times, about 2 times the solar water heater. Further, since the separation of water from the air to the water heater principle, to prevent electrical shock and carbon monoxide poisoning and other accidents, and thus safer to use.

        Air heaters can set security, energy conservation, environmental protection and comfort features in one, with other water heater incomparable natural advantages, coupled with the call of the national energy conservation of air to water heater market share will skyrocket and become food market dark horse. However, the current air heater awareness is not high, need to support national policy also requires major manufacturers, distributors, trade associations work together to improve the visibility of air to water heaters, so that more consumers benefit.
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