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        Hotel hot water case

        Hotel hot water engineering

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司人氣:1824發表時間:2016-07-30 17:40:06

        Hotel hot water engineering features:
        HD LCD interactive interface, full screen resistive touch operation, easy to monitor water temperature, water and system status; with automatic water control. Water full automatic stop the water, shallow water starts automatically. According to the connected device, combined with the water temperature, ambient temperature and light intensity of feeling, automatic control switch energy saving equipment. LCD screen visual display 24 hours temperature curve. Without manual inspection, hot water equipment abnormal screen is automatically displayed. Easy multi-machine management, turn off the machine touch device. No large-scale distribution cabinets, hot water control system of microcomputer.

        Hot Springs Villas professional engineering control, hotel schools and other central hot water engineering control, low temperature hot water energy-saving control engineering

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