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        What is a dual-core frequency electric water heater?

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2657Time: 2016-07-30 16:38:02SML

        The so-called dual-core refers to the electric water heater has two sets of internal heating pipes, general breakdown in different locations to form two heating core. Frequency control is realized by the program automatically selects the heating power, heating time (upstairs that change power frequency power method can not be changed, because the water heater is irrelevant purely resistive load, the power and frequency). Frequency inverter porcelain heaters, also known as light food, the use of optical ceramic heating technology, the national utility model patents, the epoch-making high-tech products, automatic frequency design, six automatic adjustment, the appearance of fine fashion, which means that the hot water capacity, energy saving environmental protection. Food is safer than traditional direct thermal power, more energy-efficient. GOUCEN frequency heating water heater with the terminal without preheating, no electricity line losses, electricity without heat loss, loss of electricity no water, thermal energy conversion efficiency rate of up to 96%.
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