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        Water heater system as one of the water heater?

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2130Time: 2016-07-30 16:30:35SML

        In the food industry's reputation hehe A.O. Smith "Kim Kyu-liner" is a comprehensive application of machining technology, welding technology, steel anti-corrosion technology and automatic control technology four key technologies, the water heater has become the industry standard. 5,000 kinds of material selection of hundreds of researchers around the world, after thousands of tests developed into "Kim Kyu-liner" coating and "Kim Kyu-liner" manufacturing technology. Using unique technology will be of special suicide and trace elements evenly coated on the liner made of special high-quality steel, and then after high temperature treatment, can withstand high pressure, corrosion anti-fouling. Currently this technology is the use of foreign renowned water heater manufacturer AO Smith to bring tens of millions of dollars in sales each year, is also widely used special anti-corrosion pipeline engineering, chemical reactors and large scale anti-tank and other technical fields.

        Technical services subject is human, A.O. Smith water heater manufacturers in factories around the world, has historically focused on the localization of technology, technology into products adapted to local residents. After entering China in 1998, AO Smith Corporation determines the need to "use the powerful US technology development strength, the development of high quality products suitable for Chinese families living conditions." Established in 2001, Asia's largest R & D base in Nanjing, launched a series of studies. They sent researchers traveled across the country, points east, west, south, north, five plates survey changes over the gas source, water, power quality and environmental conditions, according to the survey results improve and increase various regional markets products technical parameters and standards liner high pressure performance, improve the stability of the product using a variety of properties. Specially developed for the Chinese and a number from the exterior to the internal changes in China's real estate market has to adapt to the development of new products, such as: the small size of some families to adapt to the characteristics of the introduction of the whole shell is made of special materials and the latest coating technology, not afraid of the sun and rain the outdoor storage water heater; water heater according to Chinese users want saving money demand, the introduction has a long automatic memory function, do not pull the plug more money adaptive energy-efficient electric water heaters; computer controller body and detachable mounting in the room within stealth, does not affect the beauty of the room-by-wire-type electric water heaters; central heating system is not designed for Chinese family collection of indoor heating systems and water heaters in one of the food, and so on.
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