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        Electric water heater pay attention to what's most important?

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2419Time: 2016-07-30 17:02:41SML

        1, the body is safe bathing water, the resistance is very low, there is little leakage current can occur shock hazard, so the safety performance of the water heater is directly related to the safety of human life, is essential. Safe food ≠ safe bathing, according to the International Copper Association survey, the number of Chinese residential electric shock due to electrical circuit caused by irrational allocation of developed countries several times or even hundreds of times. Electrical wiring grounding unreliable, Decoration cause ground and site wiring, water pipes serve as the ground, the use of water and electricity steal phenomenon is relatively common, it will result in a "live earth", "charged water" and other issues in these cases, causing the water heater charged. Currently on the water heater leakage protection widely used for water supply environment into live issues it is ineffective. Therefore, only the product itself to solve the security problem is not equal to address security issues bath. The anti-electric wall heater in case of an effective solution to the situation of the following occur: In case the room next door, fire and earth reversed; in the case of a neighbor, fire and earth are connected; in case of leakage and other electrical conduction between the ground each other through; the entire floor in case the water pipe charged. ( "Consumption Age" suggest that you consume with a state-certified and meet the national standard electric water heater with an electric wall technology, for example, is about to enter the national standards Haier electric water heater, so that you can guarantee the safety of consumers.

        2, compared with the electric water heater is the preferred gas water heaters and solar water heaters, electric water heater has a considerable edge. Gas water heater must be installed in a well ventilated room, prone to incomplete combustion of CO poisoning; a year to clean the heat exchanger, the high cost and cumbersome, and the short-lived (6 years). In addition, the gas water heater is easy to hot and cold water, resulting in burns security risks. Solar water heaters by the floor, the season and the limitations of light intensity and other conditions, winter can not reach the desired temperature; thunderstorms, high winds, hail and other inclement weather will cause damage to the machine; installation, repair and maintenance is very troublesome; later, higher maintenance costs. Electric water heater safety, health, easy to install, long life (at least 10 years).

        3, see the interior liner is carefully selected key components, bladder leakage, the entire water heater scrapped. Stainless steel liner: corrosion-resistant, not rust, not sensitive to thermal expansion and contraction, longer service life. Due to the high cost, only for high-end products. Enamel interior: the case of high-grade steel liner. Identification enamel interior quality is to see whether a special enamel steel, special steel easy to form scale explosion; two to see whether it is technology that is three gall bladder into the enamel layer, adhesive layer, steel decarburization layer, anti-knock, anti-soluble, antacid. Galvanized liner: a resin surface, a long time easy to aging, life is short, is a low-grade interior, has been eliminated.

        4, energy saving is the key to the water heater is in the power-hungry appliances, energy conservation is very important, mainly to see whether the energy-saving insulation and heating efficiency of the heating tube. A look at whether it is ultra-fine porous foam technology to ensure that the insulation layer of dense, thick, better insulation effect. Second, look at whether the British Grameen stainless steel heating pipe, in order to ensure heating efficiency 99.2%. Third, look at whether the night electric technology, night electric technology can save nearly half of the electricity.

        5, the internal parts are very important components of quality electric water heater safety, security and comfort of life. Magnesium rod: If the magnesium rod weighs only 65 grams, life is only 1--2 years, a fee shall be increased by the replacement, Haier electric water heater magnesium rod weighs 310 grams, standard quality life up to 5 years. Thermostat: button-type contact thermostat temperature measurement is not accurate, easy to malfunction, causing the explosion. Only the liquid expansion thermostat, available into the bottom of the water heater temperature, good stability, high accuracy.

        6, do not underestimate the external structure of the heater closed environment, humid, exterior design is unreasonable, it will affect the safety and life of the water heater, and therefore can not be ignored. "Completely closed" waterproof structure: fully enclosed structure refers to the end cap and the shell is made of special structure installation, greatly reducing the chance of water vapor into the body. If you do not fully enclosed structure, sealing, one external moisture easily enters the interior of the water heater and electrical components prone to corrosion of electrical accidents and shorten life; two non-professionals easy-open dangerous.

        7, personalized with selected models bathroom size, decor, different requirements for bathing, water heater models to match is not the same. . Select split heater control under what circumstances? Kept decoration beauty, full bathroom space saving, optional split control electric water heaters, achieve the main machine completely hidden in the ceiling, half-hidden in the ceiling or hidden in the closet, using remote control panel to operate, very convenient. Option One: embedded in the ceiling and a half semi-flush installation, free up more space for bathing, operated by remote control panel. Option Two: completely hidden completely hidden in the ceiling-mounted, well maintained overall aesthetic decoration, operated by remote control panel. Option Three: hide in a closet in the closet to hide the mounting within that space is fully utilized, operated by remote control panel. . Choose slim speed thermal water heaters under what circumstances? The bathrooms are small, optional slim-speed electric hot water heater, compact, does not occupy space. Fast-paced life, do not want to wait for a long period of heating, or bubble bath covered with no fear of the water, optional slim-speed electric hot water heater, bath achieve zero wait, want to wash long to wash long. . Select water heater thermostat under what circumstances? The pursuit of maximum bathing comfort, water heater thermostat is a great choice. In addition, if you are concerned home for the elderly or children being scalded in the bath, you can choose a hydropower water heater thermostat.

        8. Select how much volume of food is appropriate volume might cause the unnecessary expenses, the volume is too small not enough, so the volume of the water heater must choose the right. In general, 40L hot water heated to 75 ℃ continuously water (42 ℃) 20 minutes for one or two people bathing. If you are a family of three people, choose 60L above the water heater. If two or three people or a bathtub while bathing, need more than 80L of water heaters.

        9, prior to see meter capacity electric water heater is electrical power, first take a look before you buy the home meter capacity is not sufficient. If you choose to ordinary food, power is generally 1500W, according to physics voltage (U), current (I), conversion formula P power (P) between = U * I, obtain the required meter capacity I = P / U = 1500/220 = 6.8 (a), generally 10A meter is sufficient.
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