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        Introduction of variable frequency smart water heater

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2452Time: 2016-07-30 17:01:38SML

        Frequency introduce smart water heater safety and reliability:
        Frequency induction heater is not directly convert electrical energy into thermal energy equipment, but to use the principle of electromagnetic induction, sintered high-density electrical porcelain clay into a pipe support sleeve in a metal pipe outside the charged portion and the shell of the machine, the flow path is completely object isolated , with a high safety factor at the same time, the use of patented technology, no scale electromagnetic heat pipes, heat pipes will not clog scale; frequency induction heater may refuse to similar gas poisoning, explosive, flammable, electric shock, and other security issues occurs, it is one of the world's most secure hot water equipment.

        Energy efficient:
        Electric conversion efficiency of frequency induction heater up to 99.5%; the same time, the induction heating unit can be directly cold water into the hot water output available for use, it requires only a small reservoir to meet people's needs, effectively prevent a large container of hot water dissipation.

        Low-carbon environmental protection:
        Frequency induction heaters using electricity, it avoids the use of organic fuels of waste gas, waste, etc; avoid transportation fuel costs; raw material manufacturing unit using induction heating for iron, copper, aluminum, ceramics, and even reaches the machine use to life, the body itself does not remain any harmful substances. Coal and other fuel energy can be stored, and energy is a transient energy, not large-capacity storage. Energy conservation, environmental protection support, will be able to store energy and blue sky perpetual succession.

        Use of the environment:
        Frequency induction heater from wind and rain, cold, heat and other inclement weather, can use all year round, and it complements the limitations of some of the low temperature hot water system does not work, it can normally be used in a low temperature environment of -40 ℃ , even if the ambient temperature at the end of -40 ℃, as long as the unit is placed in a suitable indoor temperature, the machine can still operate normally.

        Long-term durability:
        Frequency induction heater is not powerful operation of the motor, chassis made of copper, made of corrosion-resistant iron, aluminum, ceramic structure, thus ensuring the quality of the product, the service life of up to 10 years, there will not be wearing parts need to be replaced, life than other similar products.

        Installation is simple:
        Frequency induction heater installation is extremely simple, you just need to be connected to the water inlet port, the outlet pipe is connected to the storage tank port, power and ground can be used.

        Frequency induction heater is one of the most environmentally safe and practical heating equipment in the world currently, it is the principle of electromagnetic induction to transfer energy, avoid direct contact with live body with water. Cold water into the machine, without having to wait, you can generate temperatures up to 95 degrees of hot water; it can adapt to -40 degrees - +45 degrees work environment; the machine itself is directly converted into electromagnetic energy into heat, do not absorb external heat, as long as the machine place ambient temperature not lower than -40 degrees, the machine can operate normally; overall frequency induction heater electric conversion efficiency of up to 97%. Suitable for application in any location worldwide latitude; schools, factories, hospitals, hotels, beauty salons, bath and leisure center, villas, families and other places need hot water can be applied, the induction heating unit can be set by the user temperature or power automatic continuous output of hot water, energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, intelligent control and other advantages.

        Frequency induction heater is an innovative generation of hot water equipment, won the national patent new products, which consists of inverter electronics, electronic protection device, an electromagnetic induction coil induction metal pipes, insulation and high-density ceramic material composition; it is flexible using the principle of electromagnetic induction, high frequency electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy frequency alternating magnetic field cutting metal pipes, resulting in numerous body resistance effect eddy currents and a metal pipe in the wall of the pipe, electrical energy is converted into heat and efficient rapid release of water to the interior of the pipe, so that the water warmed up rapidly.
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