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        Magnetized water heaters

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:2439Time: 2016-07-30 17:00:09SML

        Frequency induction heaters East Special Engineering Equipment Co., independent research and development, the principle of electromagnetic induction heating of the inherent advantages of the water flowing through the pipe heater automatic magnetization, so in turn called frequency induction heaters - magnetized water heater.

        Speaking of magnetized water, someone may ask, what is magnetized water, magnetized water have any effect?

        In fact, magnetized water, as early as 500 years ago, China's Ming Dynasty physician Li had discovered the properties of water. Having "to sore fistula, long skin", "long drink is a son, impotence," "should enter wine" and other effects (see "Compendium of Materia Medica" 583 ------ 586). For drinking water, water quality can be activated to improve the human microcirculation, enhance human health, for bathing, prevention and treatment of skin diseases, is conducive to skin absorption, increase skin elasticity.

        Through a large number of experiments show that magnetized water has the following characteristics:
        1 --- magnetized water wash face wash, delicate skin, prevent dark spots, freckles and skin aging.
        2 bathe --- magnetized water bath can prevent a variety of skin diseases, but also make the skin cell activation, eternal youth.
        3 wash hair --- magnetization washing hair, can prevent scalp itching, dandruff hair, black hair supple.
        Hong Kong 4 feet --- warmed to 38`C, soak for 10 days can be improved (add a little detergent better).
        5 Rich Hand --- warmed to 38`C, for seven days can be improved.
        6 constipation --- breakfast, dinner, drink magnetized water before going to sleep at night, the effect is good.
        7 cough sputum --- magnetized water to drink every day, can cough expectorant.
        8 --- chronic diabetes, hypertension, gout, liver disease, migraine headaches, physical illness, back pain, stones, long-term drinking magnetized water, improve availability.
        9 allergic disease --- drinking and bathing, to improve rapidly.
        10 --- dermatological eczema, heat rash, insect bites, always wash magnetized water, the symptoms rapidly improved.
        After 11 --- drunk wine drinking, drink magnetized water in favor of hangover.
        12 oral diseases --- stomatitis, sore throat, toothache, drink magnetized water cure or alleviate the symptoms.
        13 fatigue --- magnetized drinking water every day, it can refreshment, improve sleep quality.
        Cigarette smoking nearly 14 --- magnetized water moment, you can reduce the harm of tar and nicotine.
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