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        Induction Heating Machine developments?

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司Popularity:1892Time: 2016-07-30 16:55:26SML

        Modern high-power induction heating power supply is moving, high-frequency direction. This modern power electronic devices is a considerable challenge. The traditional method is to use the device series-parallel manner, but the presence of both the flow between the equalizing device idle difficult problem, especially when a lot of series and parallel when the device is required to ensure accurate synchronization signals between devices to avoid circulation damage power electronic devices. But in many cases it is difficult to accurately guarantee. Especially when the series-parallel device more power levels greatly inches circulation will delay the signal line between devices produce bad influence, so the use of the device application in parallel mode, the number of devices, the maximum power will be limited. Based on this, a new type of LLC topology is presented, its excellent characteristics can effectively reduce the circulation between the inverter bridge in parallel, through parametric design can balance power distribution of each bridge, reducing the loss of the device, thus effectively solved inverter bridge some of the problems occurring in parallel, more conducive to bridge induction heating power supply in parallel to increase the output power and reliability.
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