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        Case of hot water in the kitchen

        Frequency electromagnetic water projects

        Source: 深圳市東特工程設備有限公司人氣:1798發表時間:2016-07-30 17:23:02

        Frequency electromagnetic hot water unit automatic hot water project:
        Frequency electromagnetic hot water unit operation, automatic control of water and heat; turn on the power, set the working temperature of the machine and the power; when holding the reservoir water level falls below 60%, the state machine into the water, cold water is heated by the water injected into the host port , the heated water flows into the heat reservoir, when the water level sensor detects the water level full line of 100%, the machine automatically stops injecting hot water into the insulating state, when the temperature probe detects heat reservoir temperature below 3 ℃ above the set temperature when the circulation pump to work, hot water heating into the host again heated until the water temperature reaches a predetermined value, the insulation system to stop working, the machine into standby mode; due to the use of the user, holding the reservoir water level below 60%, the machine re-enter the state of water supply, and so forth cycle.

        Hot water engineering applications:
        Hotel hot water, kitchen water, hot water factory dormitory, small farms hot water, cold water production areas.

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